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Vertex Rubber Private Limited is one of the best destinations for any kind of molded rubber products used for mechanical and commercial requirements. We offer wide range of molded rubber parts and industrial molded rubber goods. These are created in diverse elastic materials and sizes. Capacities incorporate planning, prototyping, machining, expelling, pass on cutting, machine cutting, sourcing, production network administration and stock administration.

Molding process involves infusion, pressure and exchange molding to fit into different volumes and sizes. Infusion molding is a method which includes taking crude, uncured rubber and compelling it into a hot mold utilizing a responding screw. The material is given to structure under heat and force, then remained cool as a custom shape. Pressure molding is characterized by taking a pre measured measure of raw rubber material that is put into a hot open lower mold pit. The top pit is then constrained shut, creating the raw material to move through the state of the mold. After this mold pressure is opened and the shapes can be removed.

Exchange molding is a type of rubber manufacturing process in which raw material is measured, heated and after that constrained into chamber. A plunger is utilized to constrain the material into the mold utilizing an arrangement of runners and channels to completely fill the shut mold. The mold is warmed to cure the raw material. The mold is then opened and the formed parts can be removed.

We have our office in Mumbai and we give quality service for any kind of rubber molding products in all over India. You can contact us about your any kind of need related to molded rubber parts. Our experts and administration staff will be cheerful to help you in finding the best solutions. We have long product lists with diverse nature which is being used in many industries from agriculture to transportation.