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Vertex Rubber Private Limited engaged in production and manufacturing of Tricklover gaskets from both Silicone and PTFE. Gasket made with silicon is called silicone tc gasket. Silicone is the best material being used in manufacturing of gaskets because it is non responsive with liquids that would damage other material after some time and it has a high weight esteem. Gasket is a type of seal, utilized for filling the space between two bordering surfaces. We make both with neckline TC gasket without neckline TC gaskets furthermore according to client prerequisites.

We have both transparent and colored silicone tc gasket in our collection. We likewise produce PTFE TC with silicone washer according to client necessity. We offer an extensive variety of fantastic gaskets that is a sort of mechanical seal utilized for filling the space between two bordering surfaces. The gaskets are accessible in distinctive plans taking into account different parameters like modern utilization, physical & compound contact and plan of customers. A few gaskets oblige sealant on their surface, in order to guarantee their effective working.

Generally Gaskets are manufactured using a material for example paper, elastic, silicone, metal, plug, felt, neoprene, nitrile elastic, fiberglass etc. Gaskets and seals are very essential techniques used in various applications to avoid the leakage of fluids, vapors, air or gases. It must be manufactured from the materials containing some percentage of elastic and should cover up little irregularities. One of the more alluring properties of a compelling gasket in modern applications for packed fiber gasket material is the capacity to withstand high compressive burdens.

There are a few approaches to gauge a gasket material's capacity to withstand compressive stacking. The "hot pressure test" is most likely the most acknowledged of these tests. Most producers of gasket materials will give or distribute the consequences of these tests.