Rubber Sheet


Vertex Rubber Private Limited made rubber sheets are resistance to oxidation and sunlight with various temperature range. With careful observation it can be made to obtain great elasticity. Our products meet all the ASTM specifications, as it is manufactured under strict observation to get quality. We offer the products as per the different specifications set by the modern industrial grade, pharma grade and food grade industries.

Our company is bound to give clients a superior quality rubber sheets which can bear high pressure. We manufacture products with flexible and stretchable natural rubber. Natural rubbers are taken out from the trees of rubber specially cultivated in south east, Africa and India. Since it has capacity to withstand any temperature range and has long durability, It is mostly demanded products in the market.

There are various types of rubber sheets available in market like natural rubber sheets, silicone rubber sheets, neoprene rubber sheets, nitrile rubber sheets. Each products have the different properties and specifications. These products can be cut to any size, shape and specifications according requirements.

Natural rubber sheet is a stand out amongst the most widely recognized and real materials for the automotive industries. Its fabulous physical and mechanical highlights like high elasticity, lengthening, lustrous and smooth finish makes it a real assembling material utilized as a part of making different vehicle parts and also in many other modern industries. At some place it is used like floor mats to protect materials from getting wet or to provide surface to stand as It does not allow passing of electricity on it.