Rubber O-Rings


An O Rings are a mechanical gasket in the shape of a torus and also known as a packing or Toric joint. A rubber O-Ring is a loop of elastomer (polymer with viscoelasticity) with a round cross-section intended to be seated in a groove and squeezed together during assembling between two or more parts.

The Rubber O Rings are utilized in dynamic applications or in static applications where there is relative motion between the parts as well as the O ring. A static seal is where it doesn’t move and is used simply for maintaining a vacuum or containing pressure. Dynamic seals can be reacting. O-Rings are one of the largest common seals utilized in machine design because they are reasonably priced, easy to make, trustworthy, and have simple mounting requirements. It is mostly used in every field of industry including automotive, aerospace or general engineering.

Vertex Rubber Private Limited is one of the largest manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Rubber O-rings in Mumbai, India. We offer our esteemed customers a wide range of elastomeric materials for both special and standard applications which allow the O-Ring to seal basically all liquid and gaseous media. Vertex Rubber Private Limited company supplies various sizes of rubber O-ring seals which are made of EPDM, Viton, Silicone and Neoprene.

Neoprene O-rings can be utilized as a part of countless sealing applications because of its expansive base of such attractive working properties as: great resistance to petroleum oils, ozone, daylight and oxygen maturing. It is having moderately low pressure set, great strength and extraordinary physical durability. Because of its amazing resistance to smelling salts, Neoprene is generally acknowledged as a favored material for refrigeration seals.

EPDM O-ring is nothing but the ethylene-propylene o-ring. It is an elastomer made from ethylene and propylene monomers. These mixes are utilized often to seal as a part of slowing mechanisms, and for fixing boiling point water and steam. Ethylene Propylene has increased wide seal industry acknowledgement for its fabulous ozone and substance resistance properties and is good with numerous polar liquids that unfavorably influence different elastomers. They are not suggested for applications with petroleum oils, mineral oil or fuel introduction.

Silicone O Ring is a well known O ring typically red within coloration. They are well-known regarding used in scientific devices such as GC injection ports which use high temperature. Your silicones are generally a group of elastomeric products constructed from silicon, fresh air, hydrogen along with carbon.